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Organic Hair by Integral Hair
We only work with natural, organic hair bundles. That’s how we achieve personalized, unique, high-quality hair integration systems.

Because if it’s
Organic Hair...
  • It maintains its original characteristics, as it has not been dyed or manipulated in any way.
  • It keeps its capillary cuticles intact, due to the fact that during the cutting process we maintain the whole ponytail, neither the hair roots nor the tips have been altered, and therefore it won’t suffer any frizziness.
  • Each ponytail comes from the same person.
  • It’s soft, shiny, easy to comb and maintain, and it can be styled (curled, straightened, cut…).

And if we need to cross the globe to get it, we do. We work with different collectors worldwide, to get the best natural hair bundles.

Once in our hands, we examine each hair with lots of love and care, following a traditional, hand-crafted manufacturing process. We wash each bundle separately, dry it naturally, comb it and categorize it according to its quality, color and texture.

So, when a professional contacts us, we study each case and we carefully select which bundles best match the client’s needs. Then our partner workshops get to work and, once the integration system is complete, they send it back to us so we can inspect it in detail. This is the moment to check that everything is exactly as the client deserves.

We wash and comb it again to make sure it meets our strict quality controls. Once everything is up to code, we send it to the hair professional so they can fit it on the client, style it according to their specific wishes and advise them on how to take care of it.

Because only something that’s been lovingly taken care of from the beginning can make you feel this good.

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