Hair comes first.
And second,
and third.

That’s why we work hand in hand with specialized hair industry professionals following an individualized process and taking care of every detail. This way we understand and learn up-close about each client’s needs so that we can offer top quality, tailored solutions. Because only by working with natural, organic hair bundles do we get the results every client deserves: the best.

At Integral Hair we mainly deal with three capillary needs:

  • Getting back hair volume and lost hair density.
  • Increasing existing hair’s length.
  • Regenerating, restoring or repopulating the lack of hair in certain areas of the scalp.

And together with the best professionals, we design custom-made hair integration systems so that the client feels and looks good in a completely natural way.

Hair Stories by
Integral Hair

Get to know people’s stories and their experience with Integral Hair.

Just like each story, each system is unique

That’s why its performance and endurance depend on the type of fixating system, how the client takes care of it and the type of lifestyle they lead. But thanks to the great training the professionals we work with receive, the client will get the best care and advice, so they can enjoy their new hair as if it were the first day.

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