Alopecia totalis

Leo, 46 years old

Leo has suffered from total hair-loss ever since he was 25 years old and he’s always used wigs and fake eyebrows to feel and look better. But after he discovered Integral Hair’s products a couple of years ago, specifically Organic Hair, his life has taken a turn for the better. For Leo we designed a Full Integration System, selecting the hair that best fit what he was looking for: short organic hair that allowed him to have a modern hairstyle, yet a bit more classic than Mateo’s. We again opted for a hair bonding technique, fusing the hair system to his scalp with a liquid hypoallergenic adhesive. We also gave him the option of using our natural hair eyebrows, so he could recover his thinning eyebrows. It seems Leo has found what he’s always been looking for, a natural, quality solution.

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Alopecia totalis
Androgenic Alopecia
Frontal fibrosing alopecia
fine and fragile hair
androgenic alopecia
diffuse alopecia