Androgenic alopecia

Mateo, 35 years old

Mateo started losing hair about ten years ago. Because he was so young, he thought it was related to stress or something temporary. But, the hair loss kept getting worse, and now he’s completely bald on the top of his head. The search for solutions wasn’t easy, either: he wasn’t convinced by the hair transplants he saw on TV, and other options like toupees and standard wigs seemed incompatible with his athletic lifestyle, because the adhesive kept on peeling off. That’s when he decided to go to a specialized salon where they explained all of his options to him and introduced him to Integral Hair’s integration systems. Seeing how natural and high quality these systems were, he decided to try one. For his case, we designed a Partial Integration System, using short, organic hair that allowed the stylist to give it a short, modern cut, just as Mateo liked it. And so he could keep up with his athletic lifestyle, we chose a hair bonding technique using a special hypoallergenic liquid adhesive that fuses the hair system with his scalp, assuring a strong fixation. Now Mateo lives his life as he always did and, to take care of his hair, he goes to his salon every four to six weeks.

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Androgenic alopecia
Androgenic Alopecia
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