Androgenic Alopecia

Marta, 42 years old

Ever since she had her second child, something changed. And it wasn’t only the fact that her home now was full of laughter, some sleepless nights and a new baby to adore. No, it was the fact that her hair progressively lost its volume and density. This really worried Marta, but she soon found a solution once she went to a specialized hair studio where they recommended Integral Hair’s volume system. Once the professional sent us her measurements, we designed a Partial Integration System by selecting the hair bundles that best matched Marta’s hair color and texture, and using a micronet weaving system that allows the professional to weave her hair with the system’s hair, she was able to restore her old hair volume and density. This system can be washed and dried normally and it only needs to be checked by the hair center’s professionals once every 4-6 weeks. That’s how Marta finally got back to enjoying all the laughter and happiness, as naturally as ever.

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Androgenic Alopecia
Frontal fibrosing alopecia
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androgenic alopecia
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