Diffuse alopecia

Teresa, 69 years old

Teresa has always loved the ocean, and now that she’s got time, she’s enjoying it by going on one cruise after another with her friends. She relaxes and discovers new places and things she never would have imagined, like Integral Hair’s integration systems. Though Teresa hasn’t lost energy over the years, she has lost a lot of hair. So, when on one of these cruises a friend of hers confessed her secret, she couldn’t believe it. Hair so natural looking couldn’t be an integration system. That’s when she decided to visit one of our salons, so she could experience it for herself. For her case, we designed a Hair Volume System with a grey tone and a similar texture to her natural hair. We manufactured a membrane base with micro-comb clips that allow her to use the system when she wishes, without the need to wear it permanently. Teresa is able to take care of it at home or go to a specialized center for more thorough care. Nowadays she’s showing off her hair anywhere she goes, and she couldn’t be happier with the end-result.

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Diffuse alopecia
Androgenic Alopecia
Frontal fibrosing alopecia
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androgenic alopecia
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