Fine and fragile hair

Paola, 32 years old

Everyone loves to show-off a great mane, but if you’ve got fine hair like Paola, it can be difficult. She’s always liked to wear her hair long but, having fragile hair, she can’t pull it off as often as she’d like. Her friends recommended using hair extensions, but they didn’t fully convince her. However, once she tried Integral Hair’s products, there was no going back. We worked together with her hair studio’s professionals and we designed a Partial Integration System to increase the hair quantity on the top area of her scalp. We weaved it in with her hair using a micronet weaving system, the end-result being a feeling of greater density . We selected dark-colored, 50 cm hair bundles that matched her natural hair color, and we gave it a personalized touch with some lighter highlights. The result? Paola’s dream mane, as natural as ever.

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Fine and fragile hair
Androgenic Alopecia
Frontal fibrosing alopecia
androgenic alopecia
diffuse alopecia
alopecia totalis